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  • Team Members*1
  • Social Channels*Twitter
  • Number of Scheduled Post*100 posts
  • Scheduled Posts per Day*10 posts per day
  • RSS feeds*1
  • Content Libraries*1
  • Content in Content Library*1 post
  • Bulk Upload*20 posts
  • Plan Pricing*Free!
  • Team Members*2
  • Social Channels*12 Social Channels
  • Number of Scheduled Post*1200 postsper social channel
  • Scheduled Posts per Day*40 postsper day/social channel
  • RSS feeds*15
  • Content Libraries*3
  • Content in Content Library*1000 posts
  • Bulk Upload*250 posts
  • Plan Pricing*$3.99/monthor 36.00/year
  • Team Members*Need More?
  • Social Channels*Pleaseemailus for your custom business needs
Team Members*
Social Channels*
Number of Scheduled Post*
Scheduled Posts per Day*
RSS feeds*
Content Libraries*
Content in Content Library*
Bulk Upload*
Plan Pricing*
3 Social Channels
100 posts
10 posts per day
20 post
20 posts
Most popularInfluencer
12 Social Channels
1200 postsper social channel
40 postsper day/social channel
1000 posts
250 postsper upload
$3.99/monthor 36.00/year
Need More?
Please email us for your custom business needs

Their team is very knowledgeable, especially in the e-commerce space. I was looking for a partner who could challenge my thinking and also bring ideas to the table, which is often hard to find in an outsourcing company.

— Alan Cooper, founder at JT